Friday, August 31, 2012

Thought Provoking TED Video

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Caleb's new (and the same) sweet face

Hi everyone! I'm sorry we've been so absent from the blog these past few months. I'm afraid this one will be short, but I know some of you have been wanting to see Caleb in his new glasses! Here's the sweet boy:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The story of a kitchen remodel





Thursday, August 18, 2011


Well, since my last post I've probably downloaded over 200 pictures to our computer, so in order to save your time and mine I've whittled it down to just a few to tell the story.

The next three pictures show some of the most significant people from our time in Scotland.

Our dear friends (who happen to be brothers) Willie and Jamie were definite favorites of Caleb and Abby's. Willie so gracious to lend us his home for the entire summer, and we're hugely indebted to him for his hospitality and friendship.
These are "the girls" as we so often called our sweet interns pictured below. I'm grateful to have known each one of them. They are each so uniquely gifted, and we loved spending our summer learning with them.
These two crazy darling girls were our neighbors while in Kyle. They became such good friends to our children, and our time there would not have been the same without them. We love them!
Here we are back at home, representing Scotland as we unpacked a summer full of sweet memories.
A few days after arriving back in San Antonio, we were on the road again: Michael to Atlanta for training and me and the kids to Memphis to see our families.
Here's Caleb teaching Uncle Aaron a thing or two on the guitar. We had such a fun dinner at Aaron's newish home. We missed you, Hannah and Caleb!
We also got to spend a morning with one of my best friends from high school and her adorable three kids. I love how kids bond with each other so quickly! Seen below is the typical Abby pose :)
Then while the kids stayed in Memphis and had a blast with Gram, Aunt Whitney, Pop, Grandmama, Uncle David and Uncle John (see, they were well taken care of), Michael and I jet-setted down to Mexico for a little time away. Here we are settling in for some post dinner martinis in the outdoor lounge. I think Michael dreams about this place every night now.
And please don't be was our view for 6 hours out of every day. I still can't believe we went on this trip. I had so much fun just being with my Babe.
Home again now, and the favorite costume (yes, even in the San Antonio heat), is the puppy costume. I love how they get an idea in their heads and run with it. They've each spent a lot of time in this outfit lately.
And to wrap things up, we've been doing a lot of artsy craftsy things to keep us from going crazy in this triple digit weather. Here are C and A doing spaghetti art. Abby only tried to eat some of it.
And there you have it, the last month of our crazy life! Our hearts are full of gratitude and sweet memories. Lord, thank you for being with us this summer.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Update Part 2

July 7
Enjoying some harmonica music
Boat ride from Elgol to Loch Coruisk to hike with Teen Holiday Club group
Drive home from Elgol
July 8
More nursery fun at first week of Holiday Clubs
Dinner with Robert and Linda Calhoun in Kensaleyre (parents of friends from Redeemer SA!)
July 9
Eileen Donan Castle

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Update Part 1

June 25

June 27
cliffs near Old Man of Storr
Lealt Gorge
Kilt Rock
Playing bagpipes with sweet new friends in our kitchen at Willie's house
June 30
Lunch in Kyle
Hike out to Castle Moil in Kyleakin
July 6
Playing in the nursery at first week of Holiday Clubs