Friday, June 19, 2009


Caleb and I have been on "vacation" for the past week and a half since my nanny family has been out of town. Michael likes to wake up every morning and ask us what we're going to do "since we're on VACATION?!" Meanwhile, he's been working his booty off taking a class and working every day. We've been missing him and feeling sorry that he has to work so hard while we're lazing around. He handles everything so easily and cheerfully though.

Even though Caleb's not been feeling great this week (shots and teething...not a good combo), we did get to go on a small berry picking adventure with our friends Kat, Laine and Mead. Kat got some cute pictures, so hopefully I can steal some soon and post pictures of our berry-juice covered children. Caleb was in HEAVEN...I think berries are his number one favorite food.

He's been picking up a ton of new words lately and doing the cutest much so that last night I realized that I'd better start writing all of it down or I'm going to kick myself later.

Here's just a small funny story:
About a week ago I made cinnamon rolls with about 3x the legal amount of sugar. Needless to say, I was not really wanting him to have one. He was very upset about not getting a sugary treat and started screaming his head off. So we went downstairs to see Michael, and immediately he went into Michael's arms and started hugging and kissing on if to say, "Mom, this is what you're missing since you won't give me what I wanted." Then to top it all off he turned to me, sweetly waved and said, "bye-bye."
What a stinker.
See what I'm talking about though?? So cute you can't even get upset!