Friday, October 31, 2008

First Halloween

After a rough, napless afternoon I wasn't sure that the costume was going to happen, but with a few cheerios to bribe him along, we got Caleb into his tiger costume and looking cute. Here's our little tiger before "trick or treating" (a.k.a. taking him door to door in our neighborhood to show our friends how cute he looks).
After having dinner with our friends the Pennylegions (who, sadly, we didn't get any pictures with), we all met up with our friends Janet and Corey and their boys Ty and Drew to walk around. Here Janet and I are with our boys...Caleb already looking sleepy at this point.
Here's Caleb with his friend Hudson. How cute are they?!
And here is Caleb post "trick or treating." I think that we wore the little tiger out with all our socializing. Goodnight Baby!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall updates

Oh wow...I can't look at this picture without smiling! 
Can you?
Playing with Daddy...and probably trying to eat the camera. He is sitting by himself now and loving every minute of it. I don't know if he'll ever learn to crawl because now he hates being in every position for very long except sitting!
Trying carrots...and not enjoying it.
All snuggled up for a walk. What a good sport...I drag him around with me everywhere!
What handsome men I have!
"No more pictures, Mama!"
Here he is eating solids...much less messy that the pureed stuff as you can see.

Wow...we are long overdue on an update!
Caleb now has two teeth...ouch! He's also eating a lot of solid foods. He has a thing against pureed foods, so we just skipped the baby food stage and he's a happy camper!
Not crawling yet, but I see it in his eyes...he really wants to. 
This weekend I ran my first 10k with some friends here and had so much fun. I'm definitely up for doing another one (Nashville, Hannah?). I'm not so sure about the 1/2 marathon though, Kristen:)
We are so enjoying this fall weather and are looking forward to Michael having a couple days off this weekend for fall break. Any extra time we get to spend with him in all this seminary craziness is very exciting:)