Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Beach

This weekend Caleb and I took our second flight of his short life to Orlando for some beach time with my best friends from college. It was a short, full, and wonderful weekend. From left to right in the picture below are Emily (holding Caleb), Tessa (holding her daughter Nellie), Katie, Leslie, and Rachel. We packed a lot of quality time into a short trip: throwing a baby shower for Rachel who is expecting a baby boy in January, cooking together, playing in the ocean and the pool, watching movies, laughing about memories from college, taking pictures, playing with the babies. It felt like I had never been apart from these girls, and it made me realize how much I miss them! I could talk for hours about all the memories we have together from first semester of freshman year on. I love them and miss them all so much!
Here's Caleb doing his new favorite thing...screaming in the most high pitched voice you can imagine. It's pretty crazy. Here it just looks like he is SUPER excited to be at the beach:)
I didn't want my baby to get sunburned, so I pretty much had him lathered in sunscreen and covered from head to toe the whole time we were out in the water (yes, he is wearing my skirt in this least it's green). I know you can't tell from these pictures, but he was passed around a lot. It was such a nice rest for me to have so many people excited to hold him and play with him. He loved it Michael says, he just gets to hang out with beautiful women all the time!
Here we are right after he fell asleep on me in the pool...such a sweet memory. He's definitely still half asleep in this picture.
He actually really loved the water (both the beach and the pool) and the sand. Here he is just taking in the ocean. What a cute beach baby!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lovely Ladies:)

In order to do justice to my lovely friends, I thought I should probably post a picture of them where everyone doesn't have a mouth full of food (see below)!

Dear Friends

My friend and neighbor Emily has a son named Hudson who is only about 3 weeks younger than Caleb, and Friday they came over for Caleb and Hudson's first play date! The boys mostly just tried to eat each other's toys (and ears), but Emily and I enjoyed talking about life, helping our boys interact, and taking pictures of hopefully the first of many play dates. 

About a year ago a few other seminary wives and I started a Bible study together, and this group of women has slowly become some of my closest friends. This weekend we had a mini sort of retreat at my friend Annie's house, and these are a couple of pictures from our time together and the delicious chicken tostadas we made. These sweet friends have been such an amazing blessing in my life...I cannot begin to describe all that they have done for me and our family. I love you girls so much! 

...And here's Caleb after our long exhausting weekend. We had a blast, but we are so tired and so happy to be home with Michael. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More pictures

Here's our little time. He is crazy about bath time, especially now that he gets his baths in the big tub and can splash even more water all over the place!
I finally moved the highchair upstairs from the basement...trying to take eating cereal a little more seriously. He looks super cute in the high chair, but I don't know if it's made a difference in how often we try the cereal.