Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Little Girl

Caleb's going to have a little sister! Here are some pictures from the ultrasound today. Isn't she beautiful??

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hold onto your hat...

I'm back for my monthly posting! I wish I were better about updating more often...especially for the sake of family who live far away and can't see Caleb's everyday life. I feel like this has been a particularly busy month for our family. Michael has been out of town for two long weekends, and we've had all sorts of fun fall stuff that we've tried to pack in. Here are some pictures from a few of our adventures...and a few of our "normal" days too.

Yesterday morning we visited a pumpkin patch. Caleb thought it was a big field full of orange drums. I'm a sucker for all things fall and festive, so I think we all had a great time:)
"Riding" the tractor with Daddy...
A rare and special family picture...

Here's one of Caleb's daily activities...making lots of "phone calls" to Daddy.

On an exciting but less pleasant note, we had our second visit to the ER. Caleb fell head first out of a shopping cart but actually came out without a bump, bruise or scratch. The most traumatic part of the whole thing was that the doctor had to listen to his chest with the stethoscope...he's terrified of doctors. Here he is waiting for me to take him home. He had no idea why he was there!

In September we went to a balloon glow in Forrest Park. At first Caleb didn't know what to think and clung onto me for dear life, but after he saw Michael and I oohing and ahhing over the balloons, he loosened up a little bit and started to comment on them as well: "Woooow! Ballooooon!!"

Here we are cheesing it up for the camera:

And last but not least, Caleb has REALLY developed his love for reading this month. We probably read every book on his book shelf AT LEAST three times every day. The boy loves a good book. Actually, it doesn't have to be just has to have pages.
Well, I'm signing out for now, but hopefully I'll be back before another month is up!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


More pictures and stories to come, but here's one to hold you over :)