Monday, June 30, 2008

Through Rain and Sunny Weather

Well, I've officially had this blog for a couple of months now. However, every time I sit down to post something I get the feeling that I used to get in college right before I had to write a paper...the pit in my stomach that led so many times to procrastination. Getting started is the hardest part! So I'm doing it. I'm getting over the hardest part and just jumping into the blogging world. 

Yesterday was Caleb's baptism. Even though Michael and I have witnessed many baptisms, we agreed that it is TOTALLY different when it is your own child receiving the blessings of God's promises literally poured out on his head. To see Caleb just look up at Jay telling him that Christ died for him melted our hearts in thanksgiving for what God has done and what he will do in Caleb's life. Dedicating our child to God and claiming God's promises for his life was more overwhelming and powerful in that moment than I expected it to be. As I realized the weight of what we were doing, I could not hold back my tears. It is amazing to realize that no matter how much I love Caleb, God loves him way more. 

As a mother, sometimes I get struck with a wave of anxiety about what it means to completely give my son to the Lord. What if he calls Caleb to dangerous places to serve him, what if he brings Caleb into difficult relationships to show his grace, what if Caleb doesn't make the decisions that I would hope for? However, yesterday I was reminded again that those worries should have no place in my heart. God has a much bigger and better plan going on, and giving Caleb to be a part of that plan is more than exciting. 

So I don't plan on writing this much on every post, but Caleb's baptism seemed like an appropriate start to a blog which I hope will show God's faithfulness to our family through good times and difficult ones...thus the title, through rain and sunny weather.