Thursday, May 20, 2010

Big boy bed

Tonight we have no babies sleeping in cribs...
Caleb has graduated to a big boy bed! (And Abby's still in the bassinet.) The first night he got up after about 10 seconds and walked out into the hall. After several rounds of putting him back in his big boy bed, we decided to put him back in the crib for the night and try again the next night. The next few nights we only gave him one chance to stay in his big boy bed before we put him in the crib. I was starting to wonder how this was ever going to work, but on the fourth night, he stayed in bed and didn't get out at all until morning!!
I'm excited for him, but it's also a little bit sad for me. No more baby Caleb bouncing in his crib. Actually now I want to cry. They grow up too fast!! And he's only 2...

Abby's growing up!

Abby will be 10 weeks tomorrow which is so weird to me because a. it seems like she's been around forever and b. it seems like she was just born. She is SO much fun lately...talking a lot in goo's and doo's. This morning Caleb and I were sitting on the floor in front of her little bouncy seat; I was blowing raspberries on Caleb's neck, and every time I did it Abby would get a huge silly grin on her face. I really feel like she knows what's going on.
On Tuesday at her 2 month check up she rolled over, which was exciting. She hasn't done so since though....probably because I haven't given her a chance! Poor girl is usually being held or sitting in her bouncy seat so she doesn't get run over by her brother. I'm sure once we get settled in SA, she'll have more chances to do it again and again. Here are a few semi-recent pictures of our girl. Isn't she precious?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Music to a mommy's ears

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Friday, May 7, 2010

Bath time for babies

My sweet babies can take baths together now! Abby withstands Caleb's splashing and dumping water on her pretty well...actually it looks like she enjoys it most of the time! Caleb has always enjoyed his bath, but now it's about a million times more fun than it was before. He LOVES his baby sister, and she's becoming more aware of him and what he's up to. Today Abby started cooing a lot, and she's officially smiling at us all the time now. I forgot how much fun this stage is! What a sweet girl!! I love getting to know her better every day.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Our "See You Later" Party

On Saturday night, our friends in the lower "U" threw all four of us graduating couples a "see you later" party. They intentionally did not call it a going away party because all of us are so sad to be leaving our Gulf drive family. Even though Michael and I are so excited to get to San Antonio and start working with RUF, I've definitely already cried a lot of tears thinking about leaving St. Louis. These neighbors have become so much more than neighbors to us, and we love them all so much. We have such sweet memories sharing meals, sitting on each others porches, having play dates. All of us started out here with no kids and every family will be leaving with at least one. Caleb definitely thinks he has a whole neighborhood of family...he'll pretty much walk into anyone's house, invited or not:)

Here are all the couples who were able to make it to the party.
Can you feel the love?
My dear friend Autumn...I've blogged about her art before (
Kara and her husband Ben overlap with every aspect of our lives here in St. Louis...neighborhood, church, community group, school, Bible study. We will miss you so much, Sinnard family!!
The girls
My two neighbors on either side, Carrie and Katie...I CANNOT imagine living here without them. They are the best neighbors anyone could ask for.
Such sweet girls...they all happened to be wearing green polka-dot outfits. We all must think on the same wavelength after living here so long. Maren was wearing green with polka-dots too, but she was already in bed.
Babies in the parking lot eating their dinner
More babies and their mommas
A regular occurrence: parents intercepting baby kisses. All the sweet "big" kids love to kiss on the babies, but the babies aren't always as excited.
Caleb LOVES Beth and Barrett's cat and follows him everywhere that he can.
An action shot of our picnic setup
Daddy and his girl