Saturday, April 25, 2009

Welcome Spring!

Bare feet
Crawling in the grass
Babies playing in just a diaper
Wagon rides
Zoo trips
Planting tomatoes
Hearing about finals and students being sick of school
Eating strawberries
Making the back porch a "room" of the home
Late evenings playing and talking with neighbors

The change of seasons brings such a welcome shift in the feel of daily life. Everything feels fresher and happier and more exciting. Isn't God so kind to give us seasons? I can never decide which I like better, fall or spring. To me they both give the same feeling. It's like a giddy excitement about what's to come. 

One of the best parts of spring at Gulf Drive is that people seem to come out of hibernation. Everyone wants to be outside all the time, and so bedtimes get pushed back, meals get brought outside, toys get shared, and conversations drift in and out of open windows. 

A spring photo gallery
Still a little chilly on this day...we're never without friends in the red birthday wagon! 

This one was tonight. Thanks for the purple dinosaur, Camilla and Catalina!

Fun times at the zoo...penguins will always be the favorite because of how close we can get to them. We literally have to hold back Caleb's hands to keep him from petting them!
Thanks for asking us along this week, Emily and Hudson!

Double-fisting the drinks. Gotta stay hydrated in all this 80 degree weather!

Peek-a-boo! Diaper boxes make excellent toys.

Caleb just hates getting dressed after his bath. He would prefer to live naked.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Busy Boy

The last few weeks around here have been so much fun. Caleb has been picking up new words all the time and coming up with the funniest things to entertain us. Lately his favorite word is "bye-bye." The best thing about this word for him is that, combined with a wave, it can mean almost anything. It means "I'm done eating" or "nap time's over, bye-bye paci" or it means "this book is getting boring" or it actually does mean "see you later." If fact in the picture below he was probably saying "bye-bye, I'm going over here now." 

Some of his other new words are slide, ride, daddy, mimi (mama), milk, please, paci, night-night, hi, Daisy and bath. Every time he says something new we freak out and say it back to him all the time...he thinks we're pretty crazy. 

He's also become fascinated with balancing things on his head: sippy cups, books, hats. It's pretty hilarious. He thinks so too. 

That's all the brand new stuff I can think of for now...I'll try to be better about regular updates!

He LOVES riding in the back of his dump soon as he sees it, he climbs in the back and shouts, "Ride! Ride! Ride!" As you can see, he can't wait for me to push him around the house.

How sweet is this sleeping picture?! I love how he keeps his bunny right up by his face. What a sweet boy. He's been sleeping MUCH better recently. Praise the Lord!!